Lila is an excellent and passionate yoga teacher. She conveys deep understanding of the postures, alignment and more importantly, the heart of the tradition. In her class, I get a great workout, balanced body, and spirits lifted. Thank you, thank you, for your expertise!
— Elyse Beffa
I was rocking my asana this morning and couldn’t help but think of you during my practice. What I received from you at StudioVibe was such a gift. My trikonasana is so freeing and expansive now. So much has unlocked for me since I met you! The beauty of the journey and connecting with the divine. I’ve been offering assists with so much confidence and my cues are sharper. It’s cool to observe people moving freely within their body.
Much love and gratitude for all that you do for others. You have such a servants heart and I look forward to learning more from you soon.
— Brooke Oliver
I just ran a 50k (31 miles) ultra-marathon this past weekend. Prior to the 50k, the last time that I ran was in November 2013 after running the 50-mile race. Yoga was my primary workout too for the last 6-months. I focused on hips, hamstrings and strengthening the gluteus medius and my knees didn’t hurt compared to my last race.
— Jeffrey Harrison
You are an amazing authentic person, teacher, Goddess, and you bring so much richness to what you are teaching us. There is no place I’d rather be than when we are all together on training weekends! Thank you for being so attentive to each of us and sharing so much of you with us.
— Rachel Jones
I really enjoy your class. While I am amazed at your instruction, your sense of humor, remembering everyone’s name, your singing, but especially the beginning of the class.
Your “message” or lesson is brief, to the point and inspirational. What really blows me away is your delivery — flawless and thoughtful. Your choice of words, metaphors, etc. is always refreshing and creative. I am a huge fan of yours and look forward to being in your class.
— Abie Harris
The evolutionary astrology reading was such a valuable sessio,n and you are amazing. I am enjoying your Abundant Blessings and Love.
— Pat
Thank you for your wonderfully accurate reading! I’ve been progressively taking it in and will delve more deeply into it next week. You have an amazing capacity to relate to people and perceive fine aspects of their lives/personalities too! Thank you for seeing me so well and sharing this little map on my journey.
— Kathy Pelliot
Lila Rasa Brown is a yoga master. She has devoted much of her life efforts over the past 15 years toward developing her own yoga practice, refining an extraordinarily effective and joyful teaching method and integrating Tantric practices in both her life and her teaching methods and philosophies. Lila describes herself as an alignment geek whose technique has been grounded primarily in Ansusara yoga principles.

I met Lila as a early intermediate yoga student with a lot of vinyasa practice experience and persistent significant back pain. It turns out that Lila is a former ballet student who also suffered early on from nearly debilitating back pain, which she was able to remedy in her own life with her immersive yoga experience which focused on appropriate alignment. Lila has an amazing gift of clarity regarding alignment as well as a really useful repertoire of therapeutically appropriate alignment adjustment techniques. Lila was able to provide extraordinarily clear instructions to me as well as many therapeutic adjustments during practice which allowed me to create room in my lower back. My lower back issues rapidly diminished and are now nearly resolved.

Lila was very clear and helpful in assisting with many other alignment improvements in all of the poses we practiced. She is an amazing resource when it comes to highly effective and very specific therapeutic alignment adjustments and suggestions. There is also this deeply accepting, loving and embracing quality to Lila. Her teaching technique is light and joyous and humorously engaging which makes our practices so much fun and so worthwhile.

Lila cares passionately for the growth and development of her students and encourages her students to face their fears regarding their growth and to allow themselves to be encouraged and supported by her as well as the group. Lila is so supportive and so encouraging to the most inexperienced student through the most advanced.

I am not sure how to say this easily, but to participate in a class led by Lila has been, for me, to feel so very deeply accepted and appreciated in the current place of my practice and to feel really, really encouraged and supported in the direction of my further growth. Lila believes that rapid growth and transformation is frequently very possible. Lila has this unusual ability to engage students assisting other students. I have observed many times amazing results that very frequently surprised and gratified the students in her class.

Lila has a profound understanding of the value of using one’s yoga practice as a metaphor representing all of one’s life and the manner in which a deeper and more spiritual understanding of the practice of yoga can serve as an integrating tool for deep Tantric truths throughout one’s life. I found Lila’s spiritual advice to be effective, well grounded and very well integrated into her personal philosophy, her practice and her message to her students.

Although I am an older male, I have never felt diminished or depreciated in any way by Lila, in fact, she is one of the most consistently and strongly affirming and encouraging people I have ever met. I found myself becoming so much more hopeful about the possibility of my substantial growth and development, and the results from Lila’s classes were obvious and immediate. I found myself growing to a surprising degree and enjoying challenging classes. I have also had the opportunity to take some private lessons from Lila. My yoga growth and development during and following these private lessons was astonishing. I very much recommend private lessons with Lila if you have the opportunity. Lila has helped me transform my life and I am really deeply grateful to have her be part of my life and to participate in such a rewarding and transforming practice with her.

She is a bright light and a kind and loving soul.
— Bill Jackson