“Thank you so much, Lila. Your energy, insight, and affirmation was exactly what I needed and I feel totally aligned with and excited for everything life is going to be offering me in the coming months.”

“Thank you again, Lila! I'm still in awe of last night's reading. It's so amazing what you do, and I am so beyond grateful you shared all of that information with my partner and me.”

“OMG! Lila! Thank you so much for these incredible readings. We literally teared up during it. I mean we think In is pretty magical, but wow, this was awesome! You have a true gift.”

“I truly want to thank you. I have felt an internal peace and happiness I haven't felt in years. Triggers don't seem to have the same hold on me and I feel such an excitement for life again. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I had no idea a reading would create this space for me.”

“Thank you sooo much. I really appreciate your insight and wisdom...your readings always offer so much, on so many levels.”

“Thank you again so much for the reading. It made a pretty huge impact already. Just gaining the insight, letting it all digest and reflecting on how each of the things you brought to light have shown up for me. It’s really incredible stuff and I feel blessed to have this new information to use and carry with me.”

“Just a quick note to say thank you again for the beautiful summary of my birth chart today. I learned a lot and also nodded my head a lot, which is a good "sign". You are gifted and your passion for what you do oozes through your presence.”

“I am so grateful for your time and incredible insight today, Lila. Mind blowing is the right word (well, two words!) Again, so much gratitude for the work you do, the awareness you have brought me, and for your time!” 

“I want to thank you for your reading one month ago. I was just reviewing your chart wisdom and am incredibly grateful for your insight. You supported what I already know in my heart and gave me tools and time lines in how to work with the energies that guide me. You are such a vibrant, humble and wise woman. You bring much light and love to the world. I am honoured to know you.”

“Thank you Lila! Today was very special! We were both blow away by your thoughtful reading and it's inspired us to play with new approaches to living and loving.”

“OMG I learned so much. I can’t believe with what renewed attention to detail I’m playing with in my poses!  And can’t believe I’m remembering so much of it. I look forward to asking you a myriad of questions on where to travel to next  on my path of learning and doing more yoga. Love your style. Double double Namaste. You rock!” 
— LU

“Listened to my chart again last night. It's fascinating how IN LINE everything you say is. I feel like I'm definitely moving in the right direction now, and I wanted to thank you again. I'm breaking the old patterns and finding my truth. I will certainly be listening to this over and over. Such a great tool.”

“I know your mailing list is probably thousands of people long, but every time you write one of these it *feels* like you are speaking to me. You are the best yoga teacher I've ever known.”

“Thanks Lila, you are quite an inspiring teacher who guides with zero ego, loads of wisdom, and such an open heart! The city is fucking lucky to have you.”