Rasa Yoga invites practitioners to awaken to their authentic nature through a unified approach that interweaves clear alignment, a rich philosophical perspective, and actualizes the power of the abundant Heart, deepening practitioners' awareness of what's truly available in each and every moment.

An invitation to an enriching experience on and off the mat, Rasa Yoga is a practice that gives students the ability to truly embody their potential through the practice of yoga. Rasa means “to savor,” “flavor,” and “nectar of delight”. By delving more deeply into the many facets of the yoga practice – skillful connection to breath, rich philosophical tradition, elegant way of aligning and working in the body – practitioners develop a profound appreciation for life’s rich offerings, no matter how diverse these offerings are. Students learn to work proficiently in all genres of yoga poses – standing, inversions, hip-openers, hand balances, backbends, twists, and forward folds – gaining access to the abiding presence within and developing the capacity to trust fully in their own internal guidance.