RASA: "To Savor", "Flavor" & "Nectar Of Delight" 


Rasa Yoga invites practitioners to awaken to their authentic nature through a unified approach that interweaves clear alignment, a rich philosophical perspective, and actualizes the power of the abundant Heart, deepening practitioners' awareness of what's truly available in each and every moment.


An invitation to an enriching experience on and off the mat, Rasa Yoga is a practice that gives students the ability to truly embody their potential through the practice of yoga. Rasa means “to savor,” “flavor,” and “nectar of delight”. By delving more deeply into the many facets of the yoga practice – skillful connection to breath, rich philosophical tradition, elegant way of aligning and working in the body – practitioners develop a profound appreciation for life’s rich offerings, no matter how diverse these offerings are. Students learn to work proficiently in all genres of yoga poses – standing, inversions, hip-openers, hand balances, backbends, twists, and forward folds – gaining access to the abiding presence within and developing the capacity to trust fully in their own internal guidance.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is a powerful way to re-pattern the body and mind and to move into a place of well-being and harmony. If you experience chronic pain in your body, yoga therapy provides a tool for you to create life-enhancing patterns in yourself, to clear pain, and to facilitate easefulness and the optimal flow of life.

In a yoga therapy session, students can expect to learn therapeutic bio-mechanical principles that facilitate healing, shifting chronic patterns of pain into areas of empowerment.

Lila has been working with students to help them transform their limitations into tools for growth, expansion, and joy. After experiencing chronic pain in her own body for years, she learned how transformative the yoga practice can really be, offering a profound way to heal physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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Yoga Teacher Mentoring

This program is designed for yoga teachers who seek to refine different aspects of their teaching, become more confident in their voices, clear in their instructions, and integrated in their approach to teaching. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many yoga teachers in this arena, and I’ve found the process to be deeply fulfilling on both sides of the relationship.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring Structure:

One Session includes:

~A preliminary 30-minute conversation identifying one’s current intentions as a teacher. 

~Depending on what best fits both people’s needs, I will either attend one of your live yoga classes or view one video of you teaching a full-length class.

~A follow-up 45-minute post-class conversation: establish a game plan and tools to help you take your teaching to the next level

~Cost for all of the above is $150.

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Private Yoga Classes

Private or semi-private yoga sessions are a fantastic way to explore your yoga practice with individual attention. Whether you’d like an introductory session, one to refine your current practice, or time spent to nourish yourself with therapeutic techniques, private yoga can be truly beneficial. Lila will meet you where you are, working with you to facilitate the growth you need to take your practice to a deeper level.

60 minute private sessions = $100

75 minute private sessions = $115

90 minute private sessions = $125

60 minute semi-private sessions with 2 people = $130

90 minute semi-private sessions with 2 people = $160

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I offer a variety of classes that lets you experience Rasa Yoga at your level.

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