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Savor the Spring at Meadowsweet!

Friday, May 17th:: Skillful Assisting & Adjusting from 6-9pm

Learn to safely and effectively guide your students into clear and beautifully aligned asanas. This workshop will include a brief warm-up, then give participants the opportunity for hands-on yoga assists and adjustments with detailed instruction from a biomechanics perspective.

Saturday, May 18th:: Nurture & Shape-Shift from 12-3pm

Practitioners will learn to hone their asana practices in both a powerful and therapeutic way, working with the whole body to create transformation from within. The movement from late Spring into Summer be a time of fire and intensity, growth and expansion, yet this practice will blend cooling and quieting energies with heating and enlivening approaches to create an equanimous experience that continues off the mat. Students will dive deeply into skillful bio-mechanics in standing postures, hip-openers, hand-balances, backbends, and forward folds, working individually and together to support optimal movement, breath, and Being.

Sunday, May 19th:: Sweet & Savory Yoga Asana from 10am-1pm

Students will be led through an intelligent sequence with skillful bio-mechanics that invites them to trust their own intuition and experience. Participants will gracefully engage and expand their bodies, minds, and hearts through a balanced practice that creates an overall sensation of steadiness, clarity, and freedom. This workshop will explore a more grounding side of the yoga spectrum, incorporating fluid movement with partner work as well as standing postures, hip-openers, twists, and quieting poses to create harmony within and without.