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Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology Workshop!

Join us for an afternoon of traversing the Cosmos in a playful and practical way.

Evolutionary astrology is a practice that works with Western symbolism (think: Capricorn, Jupiter, Leo) and an Eastern framework (ripening karma and shifting samskaras/patterns).  In so doing, it creates a picture that gives each person access to their blind spots and tendencies, as well as to their super powers and gifts, and how to cultivate these with even more awareness. It leaves out language such as “declination” and “fall,” and instead chooses to recognize that each person’s birth chart is exactly what it needs to be for their highest growth and potential in this lifetime — as well as specific stumbling blocks that appear here and there and how to skillfully work with them.

Evolutionary astrology is an insightful way to bring archetypes and myths to life in a personal and interpersonal way, and to beautifully author one’s own truth, and this workshop will give participants access to working within this inspiring framework.

$45 Early Bird
$50 after July 25th, 2018

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