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Revolution Yoga at Basscoast Music Festival in Merritt, BC

Yoga has always been a Revolutionary practice in the ways it invites those who choose it to explore the ideas and perceptions they have of the world and of themselves. Rather than live life with a model of reality inherited by predecessors, Yoga welcomes each participant to tap into the inherent intelligence alive in reality, turning to ancient wisdom to learn, as well as to find and share her or his innermost nature and voice through practice and direct experience. This process is one of deconstructing harmful ideologies and belief systems once held and reconstructing reality based on the truth of Life and one's authentic nature. Yoga asks use to contribute to the world in aligned and life-enhancing ways and gives us the tools to do just that.

Practitioners will learn to effectively and therapeutically deepen their asana practices, working with the whole body to create transformation from within. While the deep Summer is a time of fire and intensity, this practice will blend cooling and quieting energies with heating and enlivening approaches to create an equanimous experience that continues off the mat. Students will engage into skillful bio-mechanics in standing postures, hip-openers, hand-balances, inversions, and forward folds, working individually and together to support optimal movement, breath, and Being.