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The Yoga of Authentic Presence with Lila & Cheyne

This week-long retreat on beautiful Bowen Island is a unique opportunity to unplug from the busyness of life, and to plug into the spaciousness of Being! Join us at Xenia Retreat Centre, a magical and purposeful place for connecting with Nature, Spirit, and Self.

Throughout the course of our lives, there is a powerful and palpable force that animates and enlivens all of life. This force has many names, for different cultures over the centuries have called it different things. It is experienced in many ways, as its presence is universal. The practices of yoga and meditation have for years been excellent techniques for cultivating a deepened and more refined relationship with this presence, allowing it to "wake up" within each individual. 

This retreat will be an opportunity for participants to connect with community, as well as their own authentic nature, through engaging and inspiring yoga and meditation practices each day. Bio-mechanical alignment and skillful action are ever the focus for honing the craft of asana -- yet these tools are also awesome techniques for creating greater awareness of the force of aliveness that is in all things.  Each practice will include intelligent sequencing, enlivening instruction, and trustworthy approaches that give practitioners the opportunity to taste what in Yoga is considered their innermost Presence. 

Each participant will also receive a massage therapy treatment with Cheyne Cameron, RMT, that includes a holistic orthopedic assessment, giving the individual specific kinesthetic awareness of where torsions and/or rigidity are present in the body -- including the organs. The interplay of craniosacral, myofascial alignment, and visceral work that follows will give each individual insight as to how these fundamental systems are expressing themselves in the body, and thus an ability to create greater balance, ease, and grace within their experience.

A 40-minute meditation will open each day, followed by a 2.5-hour morning asana practice. Afternoons will be for taking relaxing walks, enjoying the exquisite land, experiencing Bowen Island, and resting as needed. Late afternoon 2-hour practices will be inwardly focused and will include meditation. Three nourishing meals per day, as well as snacks, are included in the cost of the retreat, and will be provided in a timely and delicious fashion. Participants will receive 30 CEUs through Yoga Alliance for the week.

Full cost of the retreat is $1,998 CAD. A deposit of $500 CAD is necessary to reserve your spot.

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