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Embodying Yoga's Tales and Rich Dharma at the Yoga Loft in Kamloops, BC

This weekend will be a deep dive into the myths behind yoga’s rich tapestry and will weave these stories into the practice in inspiring and meaningful ways. Through the course of the weekend, participants will explore all facets of the yoga practice, and how these varied perspectives are woven together to create a yoga journey that is an invitation to one’s innermost nature, and how this nature revels in all aspects of the human experience.  

Yoga teachers interested in honing their story-telling skills will have the opportunity to refine their approach in bringing to life the tales that enrich and enliven the yoga tradition. 


Friday evening:: Parvati, Ganesha, & the Moon

This settling, inwardly focused practice will be regenerative to the body and nervous system, the emotions and mind, as well as to the spirit. A fluid blend of asana with longer holds invites a deep connection within as participants are invited to bask in the inner sanctuary of the heart and the nourishment therein. 


Saturday morning:: Shiva Nataraj, Pluto, & Uranus 

This practice will combine conscious movement, action, and breath to create a natural connection with the infinite presence available in every moment. Fundamental standing postures, hip and heart openers, and twisting poses will create a colorful tapestry of yoga exploration that welcomes students to dance on the threshold of possibility in empowering ways, as Shiva, Pluto, and Uranus beckon us to do in life’s infinite unfolding.


Saturday afternoon:: Saraswati & Mercury

This teaching practice will be an exploration of creative sharing for those interested in honing their story-telling skills. The goddess Saraswati is often invoked for her gift of words, speech, music, and voice. Her energy of careful crafting for clear expression will set the tone for an afternoon of openness and refinement, and grounding asana to inspire the mind will be included!


Sunday morning:: Durga, Kali, & Mars

This powerful and upbeat practice will synthesize all genres of yoga posture, from standing to seated, inverted to hand-balancing. A fierce yet playful bhava (mood) will set the tone for the transformative experience that is Yoga on this soulful Sunday, and participants will embody the force of aliveness that is their innermost Self! The energies of Durga, Kali, and Mars will be fully explored and expressed.


Sunday afternoon:: Lakshmi & Venus

This teaching practice will continue Saturday’s word crafting, calling upon the nurturing bhava of Lakshmi and Venus, who remind us of the possibility of deeply valuing embodied form. The energies of nourishment and the ability to share real connection with others when holding a class will guide this session of asana and will illumine the gift of sharing from one’s heart in a meaningful and evocative way.