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Nurturing the Teacher

Join us for a morning, an afternoon, or both! As a teacher, the need to nurture oneself becomes even more important. Diving more fully into one's own practice with skillful instruction and coming together with a community of peers can be amazing tools for nourishment and growth as both a student and a teacher. This Saturday of the 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program is designed with these specific needs in mind.

10am-1:30pm ~ Embodied Freedom & Tantric Sovereignty

This morning session will focus on the the Tantric concept of svatantrya, or embodied freedom, within the context of the Bhagavad Gita, one of the most celebrated yogic texts. We’ll explore the Gita and its timeless wisdom, bringing to life its lessons through contemplation and conversation. Come prepared to work with clear and powerful asana, mindful meditation, and exercises for consciously weaving the practice into daily life. The asana practice will focus on opening the heart, moving toward backbends to inspire courageous and radiant expression. Join us for a meaningful and transformative time!

3:30-6:30pm ~ Skillful Assisting & Adjusting

Join us for an afternoon of honing your assisting skills in a safe and loving environment! Highly effective, this facet of teaching is often put on the back burner because teachers don't feel confident in their ability to help their students with skillful assists. This session will include tools for teachers to nurture their students into clear and beautifully aligned asanas. We’ll cover the basic techniques of yoga adjusting, then move into hands-on practice within standing poses, hip-openers, level 1 backbends, and basic handbalances. Bring and open mind and heart, and be prepared to dive in!