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A Day of Nourishment with the Creation Cycle, Assisting & Adjusting, and Lower Body Therapeutics

10am-1:30pm ~ The Cycle of Creation
This morning session will focus on the cycle of creation and its magic, as well as how to align with it to gracefully live in the natural flow of life. We'll work with clear and powerful asana, mindful meditation, exercises for conscious living, as well as journaling and sharing. Asana will focus on opening the hips and the heart, as well as maintaining the midline for some playful handbalances. Join us for a meaningful and transformative time!

3:30-6:30pm ~ Skillful Assisting & Adjusting with Lower Body Therapeutics

This afternoon session will include tools for teachers to nurture their students into clear and beautifully aligned asanas. We'll cover the basic techniques of yoga adjusting, then move into hands-on practice within standing poses, hip-openers, level 1 backbends, and basic handbalances. The session will also include therapeutic alignment for the lower body with time for learning and for practicing manual manipulations.

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