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Solstice Celebration at Yoga Source in Richmond, Virginia

The practice of Yoga has always been a way to align with Nature and its wisdom. Throughout the seasons, we practice specific postures that invite balance to the system, at certain times of the day and year creating more heat and stoking the inner fire, and at other times creating more cooling energy to nourish the flow of water and life. In a similar way, Nature through its expression within the astrological framework has given people access to the intelligence inherently lying in the constellations and planets. The symbolism and myths within the Cosmos and their significance in the human psyche are powerful tools for awakening.

Each class during this weekend of workshops will weave together the natural wisdom of yoga with the astrological myths and symbolism in practices that both invite transformation and create harmony within the body, mind, and spirit. The weekend will culminate with the Summer Solstice, a celebration of the lightest day of the year, and the expansion of the Life force and Consciousness itself.

Friday, 6-8pm ~ Descending the Roots ~ Fluid and grounding postures that invite settling and rooted connection with the earth~

Saturday, 2-5pm ~ Sustaining the Vision ~ A plethora of postures, encompassing the full spectrum of asana with standing poses, hip- and heart-openers, hand-balances, seated postures, and meditation~

Sunday, 10am-12 noon ~ Igniting the Inner Fire ~ A celebration of the Summer Solstice, time for lighting and stoking the ceremonial pyre, with transformational backbends~

Sunday, 2-4pm ~ Embracing the Silence ~ A sweet close to the weekend, including quieting postures, pranayama, and meditation, sure to rejuvenate and deeply nourish~