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Evolutionary Astrology 8-Week Series

Immerse yourself in the interesting and complex world of evolutionary astrology. Through the ages, ancient cultures from all corners of the earth have looked to the Cosmos to access the wisdom inherently lying in the constellations and planets. They understood the fundamental importance of the stars' position in the sky, and how this position effected the inner and our workings of their lives.

This series will give participants a deeper understanding of how expanding their awareness of the Cosmos in their own individual experience can create transformation from within. Each week will explore the many facets of the astrological perspective, helping individuals connect with the wisdom within and authentically apply it to their own lives. Clients will gain an understanding of evolutionary astrology's lens, then delve into the planets and their meanings, as well as how they work together with the astrological signs and houses, and what each represents. This exploration will give participants the ability to integrate the different layers of their own experience, and the awareness within for continued, compassionate evolution.

In this course, you will:

~understand more fully the lens of evolutionary astrology

~gain clarity of each planet and its many functions within the birthchart

~understand each astrological sign and its many facets within the birthchart

~gain clarity of each house and its many purposes within the birthchart

~understand the interrelatedness of the energies of the birthchart

~gain awareness of one's own experience for continued transformation


This course includes:

~8 one-­hour pre-recorded sessions available whenever the participant signs up

~thought-provoking journal questions to integrate material

Cost: $165

“As great as the infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space, both fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and stars. Whether we know it in this world or know it not, everything is contained in that inner space.”

~Chandogya Upanishad