March Journal Questions

1) What do you feel the Pisces Party from March 12th-20th revealed to you? Any gifts? Any insights?

2) How were you able to greet the Pisces New Moon? With what ritual, practice, or offering? Do you feel clear about what this time has invited you to?

3) The New Moon on March 8th was also a full solar eclipse. Eclipse cylces are times when things brew below the surface, then come to light at just the right time. With 4 eclipses happening this year, the Pisces New Moon one being the first, what is brewing beneath the surface for you? What do you feel is awakening/dying, emerging/closing?

4) Where is your natal Chiron placed (sign and house)? Do you feel as though a journey of wounding has led you to become a teacher/healer in this area of your life? How have you shifted the blockage of Chiron into a gift?

5) For the Full Moon on March 23, which takes place with the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries, we're invited to a cardinal spectrum that invites us more deeply into the relationship we have with ourselves, and the intimate/close relationships we have with those in our lives. This Full Moon is also an eclipse, and the second of 2016. How did you experience the energy of this time? What became clear to you? How are you being invited to live more courageously in your life? How are you being invited to shift/transform your intimate relationships?