The Power of Presence & the Pisces Full Moon

Last night I felt the moon move into Pisces, my natal Sun sign. Although I'm not aware of each time the moon moves into my Sun sign, there are absolutely certain moments when the force of the Cosmos, or indeed of life itself, feels more palpable. This is often due to how the position of the Sun, Moon, and planets in the sky relate to our natal or birth charts. Although evolutionary astrology, the type of astrology I practice, does recognize the importance of certain planetary transits or progressions, events in life that I consider to be rites of passage, it also recognizes that individuals have the capacity to choose how they interact with a certain astrological event. In other words, the future isn't just "up to fate;" rather, it's a synergy of a person's specific "cosmic signature" with the current movement of the planets and signs. And again, a person can respond with utmost intelligence to this cosmic event, meeting a challenge, expanding into an important opportunity, or opening to a bigger vision of her/himself in the world, or s/he can choose to miss the mark and thus a meaningful opportunity to grow. What I love about this approach is that it's not linear, and that we as individuals get to craft our destinies, to hone and refine the ways in which we're interacting with the ourselves and the world. And evolutionary astrology is a wonderful tool for this. In fact, I absolutely wouldn't be who I am without it!

Back to the Pisces Full Moon...Full Moons happen often, as we know; every 28 days the moon is abundant with light, bright and beautiful in the night sky. Often we feel a little more sensitive than usual, or perhaps we can't sleep well that night. Yet the location of certain Full Moons in the astrological signs will effect you much more than others. Not every Full Moon is created "equal" for you, since you are a unique being with specific things you came here to learn and integrate, marked by your Sun, Moon, and planets falling in specific signs. In addition, when certain planets are transiting and the Full Moon comes up beside them, called a conjunction, there's an even more clear recipe. Right now, for example, Neptune is conjunct the Moon in Pisces. Neptune is a planet that invites us to dissolve limitations...limiting ideas we have of ourselves and others, belief systems that perhaps our families carried around and passed down generation to generation. Because Neptune is the "ruling planet" of Pisces, we'll feel this Full Moon even more! Now, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and as such, the most transpersonally sensitive. It easily (sometimes too easily) accesses the collective unconscious, the bigger energy that holds us all together, or as I like to call it, "the spirit that moves in all things." Pisces knows how to feel the force that some call "prana," others "shakti," others "qi", and yet others, "spirit". Or we can just call it "the force"...Lucas was definitely onto something here. Because Pisces is an energy that feels the force in a very natural way, this Full Moon is a time when we have access to this energy that is much greater than us and that holds us all together. This great intelligence is alive and well, and it always will be, regardless of the state of the world. When we know this intelligence, not with our minds but with all of ourselves, we live in the world accordingly; we make choices accordingly. And many traditions remind us that there is and has always been a part of us that knows this presence. We don't need to be taught, only reminded. Some may call it "God," others "Goddess," others "Pachamama," and still others, "Love." Regardless of the name, this Full Moon is an invitation to connect with this presence in a way that you already know. Perhaps it's by staring up into the night sky with wonderment and openness, or connecting with the earth with gratitude and thanks. Perhaps it's in silent prayer or quiet contemplation. Whatever it is, it's something we all know how to do. And the more we connect with this place of presence, the more we begin to live in and from this place, treating the world and those in it as a unique expression of this bigger energy. Pisces reminds us that not only is this possible, it's our birthright. Knowing the great force is why we're here, and to actualize this knowing is a true honoring of Life. At your core, it's who you really are. How does the Force move you in your life and in the world? Now's a time to explore that and all the possibilities therein!

May you bask in the light of the Pisces Full Moon and in the presence that is your inner nature. The Force is (with) you! Enjoy.