Spring, New Beginnings, and the Aliveness of Aries

April 5th marks the New Moon in Aries, the first new moon of the astrological cycle. The zodiac, quite appropriately I find, starts with Aries, the sign of birth, creation, regeneration, ALIVENESS. It begins as Spring does with the Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and is infused with an energy of new beginnings. What I love about this is that New Moons ALSO carry with them an energy of new beginnings. So here, we're getting an infusion of revitalization, creativity, and new life! Nature has been slumbering through the winter, for some more than others, and this time is one of true reawakening. The birds are chirping their return now more than even a few weeks ago, the snow has significantly melted, only to reveal....yes, bare earth! And for those of us who've been walking on ice and snow for the last few months, sinking our feet into the ground is such a welcome change! Now, even more than on the Spring Equinox just a couple weeks ago, we get the sense of shaking off winter's slumber, clearing away the cobwebs, and reemerging from our dens.

The Spring in Chinese Medicine is associated with the Liver and the phase of Wood, thus carrying with it the energy of direction, aim, focus, and intention. The word for this in Sanskrit is "sankalpa," or literally, to place one's energy in a specific place for an extended period of time. Interestingly enough, Aries, too, is known to be focused with clear aim and direction, and because of these attributes, can be archetypally connected with the leader, the warrior/warrioress (of any cause or ideal), and the pioneer. Aries reminds us the we are ALIVE (the winter may have confused us in this regard!), and that now is the time to begin the journey that's been stirring inside, waiting for us to say "yes" to it. Aries reminds us that it is the time to take a risk, moving clearly in the direction of the intention that may evoke fear, but greater than this fear is the inspiration and courage needed to keep us moving on exactly the path we're meant to take. If you've been feeling a bit restless or crunchy around the edges, this is likely why! Shaking off winter to make space for new life and growth is Aryan indeed, and the Universe's movement is encouraging, inviting you to manifest in the outer world the spark that's come to life from deep within you.

Part of this shift for me has included a major overhaul of my office, clearing out old papers, books, and files, as well as finding more appropriate homes for the many binders and notebooks that include yoga, evolutionary astrology, and Chinese Medicine materials that needed some revamping. Now when I come into my office, a favorited room in my home, I feel ready to create, write, read, and make lesson plans without disorganization or unfocused energy around me. I've been inspired to reinvent my Cosmically Aligned program, one that has become close to my heart over the past year, and one that I am thrilled to be offering again in a "new and improved" format. My partner and I have planted seeds for the first year of our garden, and we have little seedlings just beginning to sprout! Plants that will later feed us directly from our yard! It feels exciting. I feel connected to my teaching in ways that are inspiring me in new directions. And the school semester is oh-so-close to being finished, bringing new waves of life that are, in simply having the space to explore them, promising projects and adventures that keep my spirit and vision clear.

And speaking of vision, the Spring and the Liver go with the sense organ of the eyes. The eyes give us an ability to bring the clear vision from within ourselves to the outer world, seeing where we need to go there. And what is good for the eyes in this heavily aim and goal-oriented culture of ours? Probably closing them! And giving them some rest. I remember being a little girl and spending lots of time with my beloved grandmother. Because she had glaucoma, she would always put her eye drops in and lie down to rest her eyes for at least 15 minutes in the middle of each day. I had no idea the impression this left on me until recently. Over the years in my study of yoga and now Chinese Medicine, it's become more obvious just how important it is to rest our eyes. But in the closing of them, we get to see, listen, and feel inwardly, becoming more aware of the inner voice that's always so clear when we give it space. While not necessarily Aries in nature, going inside IS Piscean, a cycle we've just shifted out of, and rather than moving completely away from our inner wisdom to live in the world, the merging of Piscean and Aryan energies reminds us that clear vision comes from within in order to manifest it without. The wisdom of Chinese Medicine also recognizes this in its understanding that closing the eyes to the outer world allows us to open them to the inner one. And opening the eyes outwardly gives the ability bring to life what's inside the spirit, out.

Aries says that if it demands courage, now is the time. If it scares the life out of you (momentarily, that is), you may be more ready than you think. If it takes your breath away, it's worthwhile. If it's an inspiring challenge, begin the adventure. If it's something you KNOW you must do, there's no time like the present. Why postpone the inevitable? The journey of the 10,000 steps always begins with the first.

During this Aries New Moon, the continuation of Spring, and the time of Liver's clear purpose, may you courageously move in the direction of your most beautiful dreams. They have always been within you, waiting for you to co-create them. And remember, the Force is with you! Enjoy.