Inherent Intelligence, the Force, and the Pisces New Moon

Yesterday marked the New Moon in Pisces, the last new moon of the winter. Always one of my favorites, this time is one in which we're invited to connect with the inherent intelligence that's alive in all beings, in all things. This is a time of deeply attuning with 'the Force' that permeates all of existence and is simultaneously at the root of it all. In yoga, one word for this is 'Sat', which is translated as "That-ness," "Truth," or "Pure Being." This could also be called "divine", "God," or "holy". Regardless of the name, when we're connected with this part of our innermost nature, we're connected with this "spirit that moves in all things", the Awareness that propels everything forth into movement but concurrently remains silent and still.

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Pisces feels a deep and clear need to unite with this ground of being, whether through meditation, yoga, walking in the forest, staring into space, or any practice that allows one to drop into the nature of existence. It could be running, fishing, or surfing; watching a sunrise or sunset, cuddling with animals, or honestly, doing nothing. And while all of this may sound like a big deal when we talk about it, it's honestly the most simple thing we can do! As my teacher Adya says when referring to those who consider themselves spiritual seekers, the thing we're seeking is hiding right under our noses! This revelation of who we really are at our core is hiding in plain sight, always closer to us than we could ever imagine! And Piscean energy not only senses this, but senses the deep seated need to connect, over and again, with Source energy, and to live life from this place, the truth of one's being.

And right now, we're getting even more Pisces vibrations with Mercury having gone retrograde in the sign of the mystic (on March 5th) until it turns direct again on March 28th. So if life is feeling even more topsy-turvy than you're used to, that could be why! Mercury symbolizes how we perceive reality, how we communicate from this perception, and how we communicate not just with others, but with Life itself. We're getting an invitation to press the pause button on certain aspects of our lives so that we can take some perhaps much-needed time for unity consciousness, or as I like to call it, "spacing in." Mercury retrograde tends to create more chaotic conditions than usual with regard to the daily flow of life, the interactions we have with others, and the timing of things. Late-runners might find this tendency exacerbated when Mercury appears to go backward from Earth's view. And with Mercury in the sign of Pisces, there's an added feeling of dreaminess, of getting pulled into the realm that's just beyond the waking one, a place that is infinite and otherworldly. It's an amazing place to be when we choose to spend some time here willingly, but if we're being pulled to Piscean places when we need to be getting things done, then it's a different story! Quenching the collective cosmic craving by appeasing Pisces' need for spacious awareness with regular meditation practices or the like will certainly help with productivity when we need it most!

One of the sentiments I've been feeling this week is that it would be nice if schools would plan exam schedules based on the movement of the planets! I just finished up midterms this week, and a couple of them were during the New Moon/Mercury retrograde in Pisces window. Not only did my brain feel out to lunch for these last exams, but a part of me felt like I desperately needed to just sit and meditate or do some breath work in the middle of the exam. And I was certainly not alone, observing the demeanor of my fellow classmates and the goings on at school! Thankfully I knew what was up cosmically, pun intended, so I could expand my awareness rather than straining my brain too hard for information that I'd at some point committed to memory. "It's in here somewhere, right?..." Also, thankfully, no more exams until Mercury goes direct again. Whew.

Pisces as the meditator and yogi is really wanting some time to be in with the cosmic realm, and there is really no time like the present! What are your favorite ways to connect with the inherent intelligence that moves all of life, including you? I hope you spend some time doing THAT this month.

And of course, the Force is with you, perhaps felt more fully NOW! Enjoy.