Feeling Fully & the New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

This month's New Moon Eclipse falls on Thursday, July 12th at 7:49pm Pacific time and 10:49pm Eastern time at 20° 41' Cancer (healing through feeling, trusting the emotional experience). New Moons are times when the Sun and Moon are conjunct, or right beside one another, and this one will be directly opposing the planet Pluto (the Lord of both the Underworld and the Riches) in the sign of Capricorn (integrity, patience, and perseverance).

Cancerian energy is the epitome of the Moon, with all its mystery and splendor. Standing out under the moon in any of its phases allows us to bask in the beauty of something so primal and so magical that it takes us out of our heads and puts us directly into our hearts. And an experience such as this one is exactly what this New Moon is about. The heart. Always a treasured gift among mystics, lovers, healers, and artists alike, this aspect of being knows no limits, sees without judgment, and welcomes possibilities as yet undreamt of. If each of us were to see through the eyes of the heart just a bit more regularly, there would be a marked change in our world, guaranteed! A change in which people would feel more comfortable to be themselves, nourished by their family and friends in ways that allowed for authentic expression and being, ways that value tenderness and care and the pronouncement of these virtues.

It amazes me that across so many traditions and cultures around the world is the association of the Moon with mother and grandmother, beings in our lives who are linked to nurturance and love. The relationship I had with my grand was such a special one that it often leaves me speechless today, a couple years after her passing, making my eyes water and my heart expand when I call her to memory. Even as I type, reminiscing of this amazing woman in my life, my eyes get a little misty. I feel fortunate enough to have been able to know this kind of devoted, unconditional love, or as we might say in Sanskrit, prema. This love can move mountains and would give the shirt off its back, wildly offering itself to those whom it loves fully, whether or not they understand what a gift the offering is. And this is what Cancer is about evolutionarily: caring and loving to the fullest, and in so doing, shedding the shell enough to fully trust this highly emotionally-charged waterscape, reveling in its experience and expression.

This New Moon is an invitation to probe the inner realms, allowing our emotions to flow in just the ways they're meant to. And with the Plutonian influence, as well as Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, this is an opportunity to access some of the deeper stories of limitation we carry, recognizing that they don't have the power to hold us captive, and that we can, in fact, live from a true space of heart rather than the sense of separateness that these stories create in our experience. Perhaps in daily life we don't feel safe enough or like we have the time needed to approach the vast emotional realm, or perhaps our family of origin scenarios taught us that feeling and expressing emotions was negative, or "just for sissies". As we know, they're far from it; these are powerful forces that move through us, regardless of what our heads have to say about them! The more we learn to be with and work with them skillfully, the more access we have to "healing through feeling", one of my absolute favorite Cancerian terms. If we push this important facet of ourselves inside, brushing it "under the carpet", the more deadened we become. When we say "yes" to letting our emotions flow in healthy and positive ways, uncovering what needs to be looked at to integrate and heal it, we are made whole in every way. Cancer intuitively knows this and is here to unlock this great gift and to trust the emotional experiences as they arise.

What does it feel like when you center yourself in your own heart, letting go of the movement of your mind, if just for a few moments? For me, all sense of separation dissolves, and there's a true unity of heart, mind, body, and Life itself. This might be more of a Piscean interpretation than a Cancerian one, as I am very much a Pisces, but my eyes might water, my lips might curl into a smile, my being might feel light with a sense of the Oneness is that is all-pervasive. Water signs encourage us to feel into the part of life that is always present, with its depths, its intensity, its peace that passeth understanding, and everything in between. During this New Moon, may you delight in all the facets of life that is expresses itself through your very own experience, letting the water be your guide!