A Celebration of the Light:: Diwali and the Scorpio New Moon

The story is the same -- we've heard it often, but with different characters, in different times, with different subtle undertones. The stories we watch in movies, read in books, tell aloud to our children and grandchildren, are the stories that are meant to be told. They're the stories that remind us of who we are, who we came here to be, who our ancestors were, and of the timeless quality of humanity. Myths have long lived within the human tradition, carrying wisdom, meaning, truth. The battle that goes on within our hearts and our minds is the very battle that is at play in the world:: a battle for goodness, hope, and light in the midst of ignorance and darkness. It is something that we know as humans, something that lives in our DNA in an effort to remind us of what's possible, what we're capable of, and also where we've been, so that we might learn from our mistakes in times past.

Today isn't so different than any other day, truly. Yes, it might feel more real because here we are, living in our tissue, embodying THIS incarnation of ourselves. And what a time it is, to see humanity shape-shifting before our own very eyes! Yet toward what? No one really knows. But we're in the process of the metamorphosis, and it's asking us to bring ALL of ourselves. Each and every part. Every aspect of who we are is important.

Scorpio season is a time of unearthing, digging deeply, probing the inner depths for riches that have yet to be discovered, shadowy parts of our souls that have been waiting to be acknowledged, recognized, honored, integrated. It's a time of being willing to stand in our own vulnerabilities and wounds, looking them in the eye with the resiliency in our spirits that can't be denied, claiming the ancestral wounds as our own, yet not choosing to blame or project them. Rather, choosing to use them as fodder for this battle of love, of truth, of wisdom, a movement that must be addressed on the inside of ourselves so that healing is possible. The healing that our world so dearly needs can't be done out of desperation; it must be done out of a commitment to owning every part of ourselves, from what keeps us down to what makes us fly. And choosing this is choosing to embody what Scorpio reminds us:: that alchemy is always a possibility, but never just that. It's our birthright. To change what doesn't serve us or others into what does. This is what we've always been capable of. This is what we know in our souls, what the myths and legends we've always felt moved by remind us.

During this Scorpio New Moon, one that falls on the day of Diwali, the Celebration of the Lights, a celebration of the triumph of goodness and light over evil, this is what we're called to. We're called to know what it feels like to heal both our own and our ancestor's wounds, visiting or revisiting parts of ourselves that still seem hurt, not so that we're re-traumatized, but so that we may reclaim our souls from any and all experiences that have created separation of ourselves from the true nature of who we really are. We're invited to choose empowerment in the strength of the Heart that never ceases its power to BE an embodiment of truth, love, and wisdom in the world. Diwali is a celebration of all that is good, all that is beautiful, all that is inspiring, but it's also a reminder that mud is fecund; earth is fertile; soil is rich. The more we know this reality, the more alchemy we're capable of. As such, we are reminded of this valuable and important process in the midst of the ongoing "battle of good and evil" that has always taken place within us and within the world right now. This is what's shaped us, what's reminded us of who we really are, and what's taught us how to embody what we value most.

Happy Diwali, and Happy Scorpio New Moon. The Force is always with you! Enjoy.