Embodying Equanimity in Turbulent Times

The quote that seems most appropriate to me at the moment is Mahatma Gandhi's,
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." And if peace is what you're after, it's what you must become! The New Moon in Libra invites us to an inner equanimity that is maintained through an enduring self-awareness, soul-mated relationships that support this harmony, and activities that soothe our souls in just the right ways. Libra as an air sign, and that of the scales, reminds us that when the wind blows this way or that, the balance that was there only a moment ago disappears, leaving the scales tipped in a direction that feels like what they've become:: cattywampus. Yet there are many ways to bring the scales back to equilibrium, and this New Moon is an opportunity for all of them!

For likely longer than humans have been recording history, the outer world and its quick pace have been reason to need practices and exercises that bring us back home to ourselves; practices that soothe our souls and nourish us deep within. Today, of course, we see more of this need with the encroaching internet and media, things that were once easy to unplug from but are now everywhere we turn! Creating this respite that our minds, bodies, and souls so need has become more of a challenge; thus, it becomes ever important to create boundaries for ourselves in all the ways that feel life-enhancing and ease-inducing. Making time in our lives for those we care about and who reciprocally care about us is a good Libran boundary to have! So is limiting screen time in lieu of a walk in the woods or the park, creating an altar or meditation space in our homes that feels like a sigh of relief and release, or making a "work of art" (we don't have to be artists for this!) that allows us at once to feel both creative and pleased with the beauty now before us. Or perhaps even buying the favorite art piece we've been admiring for awhile so we can return to it over and again, reminded of the balance that's always a breath or two away.

Libra as the sign of intimacy needs deep connection with others in order to be truly seen, felt, and understood. S/he freely offers this medicine to the person sitting in front of her, bestowing her gifts of kindness, grace, and dignity upon them. The rapport here is soothing to her soul, and it may bring tears to her eyes or a heartfelt smile to her face. And this experience drops her into the equanimous place within, reminding her that it's perhaps possible when her mind least expects it. What she craves and deeply needs is true connection:: something so simple, yet often so hard to come by these days. At least the connection that comes when we're sitting in the same room as the person with whom we're feeling it! Yet it's of utmost importance during this time, and Libra knows this better than most.

People who were born form 1972-1984, regardless of the month, have the natal planet Pluto in the sign of Libra. Pluto is both the Lord of the Underworld and the Lord of the Riches, reminding us that in order to embody the peace we know we can, we must first go inside and confront the darkest of places within. While this may take years, there is no time like the present since this New Moon falls in a conjunction with natal Pluto, bringing out the need for unearthing the truth and doing some soul-reclamation in the process. This is especially true for those born from 1979-1981, who are also undergoing transiting Pluto square natal Pluto. Diving into the dark reaps rewards, but it must be faced fully in order to transform what was once a wound into medicine. Believe me, I am personally experiencing this at the moment, and it is fierce to say the least! It may not be fun, but it is definitely rewarding. And necessary. The more harmony we tap into by facing, healing, and integrating the unconscious places that have yet to be discovered, the more we can embody this harmony in our world that truly needs it now. And when we choose NOT to do this important work, we are left to blame, criticize, and attack others since we don't want to look at what's hiding within. This may have become all too prevalent in the outer world, yet when evil is lurking, we can be even more inspired to BE the change we wish to see in the world. And inspire others to do the same.

The Libran time of year corresponds to Autumn, which is associated with boundaries, the skin, and the Lung/Large Intestine pair in Chinese Medicine. This is a time of year when nature gets dry, with the leaves falling from their trees and then crumbling, becoming compost and fecundity for the earth to recycle into its soil. Sometimes our skin feels this way in the fall, and we begin to turn to oils that nourish us, keeping some suppleness around for the dry season. Because Autumn goes with the Lung, breathing well is an awesome way to re-balance ourselves during this time. And breathing deeply is soothing to the soul, something Libra needs and appreciates. Whether it's a few simple conscious inhales and exhales, a practice of nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breath) for 10 repetitions, or ujayi (literally, "triumphantly uprising"; the "ocean breath) for 10 counts, breathing the crisp, cool Fall air is an amazing way to connect with Life itself, re-establishing a relationship with the inherent peace that's within. The Lung goes with acceptance and our ability to let go of what's necessary. Whether that's an old pattern that is surfacing to be looked at and released, or a relationship that no longer serves, the Lungs aid us in opening to what IS in this moment, using the help of their biao-li (exterior-interior) pair, the Large Intestine, which gets rid of what is no longer nourishing us. Thank you, Lungs and Large Intestine, for keeping us in balance.

Now is the time for some soul-soothing, deeply connecting exercises that remind you what it feels like to embody your innermost nature, which is always equanimous and balanced, even when the outer world is topsy-turvy. Turn to your best friends, partners, beloveds, and animals! Open to the inspiration that comes when you create the space for it. The Force is with you! Enjoy.