Creative Play:: New Moon in Leo

This first of two Leo New Moons this year falls on Sunday, July 23 at 2:47 AM Pacific Time/5:47AM Eastern Time, and brings with it a feeling of powerful and playful creativity. Leo roars into manifestation what she feels called to create from deep within her spirit. And with the next Leo New Moon being a Total Solar Eclipse, this first round of Leonine energy is an opportunity to get clear on what’s ready to come to life in the world of manifestation!

With the New Moon in Cancer needing to probe the depths of the inner world, this Leonine New Moon brings an energy of resoundingly expressing what delights the heart and soul. And this expression beckons to be seen, heard, and felt in the world; it seeks an audience and playmates so that others might experience this offering and be delighted just the same. 

Whenever I sit with the energy of Leo, a Broadway (or off-Broadway!) musical comes to mind, its characters acting and singing to life their heart’s yearnings for the whole audience to experience. Many performers are familiar with the idea of “the 4th wall”, the invisible wall that’s between the performers and the audience. Knowing that there’s a whole universe of people out beyond this “4th wall” is part of what evokes the depth of emotional range that lives within the performance. Having an audience to aide in bringing to life creative force and potential can be revealing for everyone involved, most especially the people on the stage! If you’ve ever been invited to demonstrate a yoga posture in front of an entire class, you’ve experienced firsthand what Leonine energy is about. Perhaps you were “shaking in your boots” before the demo, not quite sure if you’d even be able to do what your teaching was asking of you. Yet with your peers silently cheering you on, and the Shakti (life force) working from deep within you, you likely did a lovely demo, maybe even expressing the posture more beautifully than you had ever done it before! This energetic dynamic is an example of Leo at work: other people help to “draw out” the expression that’s inside, just waiting to be made manifest. And the relationship that takes place between the “performer” and “audience” is where so much of the magic takes place!

But having an audience isn’t exactly what Leo is about, although it certainly helps! Leo needs to create for the sake of doing so, not merely for others’ approval. Leo is the astrological sign of the Lila, a Sanskrit word meaning the “divine play of Consciousness.” From the Tantric yoga view, all of life is a play ofthis One inherently divine energy, and the Shakti that animates all things to life is an inherently blissful energy. We as participants are encouraged to cultivate practices that allow us and others to delight in the dance of Shakti and live life as a celebration. To do so, Joseph Campbell expressed well, “Follow your bliss. Find what it is and don’t be afraid to follow it.” Perhaps in your upbringing or culture you weren’t taught to do the things you love, yet this New Moon is calling for liberation — doing what you love is exactly what this play wants! The Lila seeks expression as and through all beings, and part of this is connecting with the seat of authentic spirit, then expressing what naturally springs forth from there. In other words, remember who you are in your Lion’s heart of hearts, and do what you love in the world from this place! The Lila is a grand affirmation of Life, delighting in the diversity of the expression that comes from each participant, regardless of the results. As long as you’re coming from the most resonant place within, you can’t and won’t be led astray!

The Queen, radiantly shining and with poised dignity, is one of Leo’s archetypes. This isn’t the Queen in relationship to the King; rather, she is a being who is sovereign unto herself, capable of holding the fort down when times are peaceful or intense. When she arrives in the room, others are immediately soothed, feeling a sense of safety that comes from her grandeur. This aspect of Leo is that of shining so brightly that others may be temporarily blinded. Yet eventually they become inspired to their own greatness as well, for in Leo’s shining brightly, it frees others to do the same. The Marianne Williamson quote comes to mind:: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us….we are all meant to shine as children do. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” What would happen if you were to don the regalia of a Queen, shimmering in greatness and splendor, not from haughtiness, but from grace? What would happen if, during this New Moon time, you allowed yourself to be the brightest version of yourself possible, regardless of your social or cultural programming? What would that FEEL like deep in your being-ness?

Another of Leo’s archetypes is the child, as mentioned above, playing and shining by virtue of being herself. Children are masterful at being spontaneous…play a game with a child, and you might be saying things, in character I might add, that you’d never imagine yourself saying in another context. This spontaneity of spirit is a gateway through which Leonine silliness can come, jubilantly making itself known in the world. Honoring the inner child is a perfect practice during this New Moon, sitting with and listening to her needs. Our inner children seek expression through the current version of who we are, and when they’re feeling seen and heard in the ways they need to be, there’s balance within our own personality and character. There can be a deep and real integration amongst all the different facets of being when we create a relationship with and truly value this beautiful little presence inside. 

Often in pop astrology we hear of Leo’s pride. Yet there’s something to be said of being healthily proud of one’s creative endeavors, be they actual children, projects, gatherings, or otherwise. During this Leonine New Moon, what would you be proud to be a part of or to create? What is seeking expression through you, as you? Which blissful endeavor or creation is wanting to blossom into the realm of manifestation? Which inner processes need to be roared to life? Gather together with people with whom you can celebrate life and be your silly self, and play a bit!  Follow what’s beckoning you to an even more full and content heart, and delight in where you’re led!