Cancer New Moon ~ Nourishing the Inner Realm

The Cancer New Moon falls on Friday, June 23 at 7:32 PM Pacific Time. Gemini’s hustle and flurry of activity brings Consciousness to a quiet, inward space that is Cancer’s home. The most subjective of the astrological signs, Cancer seeks to shelter itself from the chaos and intensity of the world, creating a sacred place in which to withdraw and find nurturance. 

The first of the water signs, Cancer makes its appearance in the zodiac just in time for Consciousness to seek and to find the solace that it requires. Often considered the sign of “nesting”, Cancerian energy lovingly creates a sanctuary of nourishment. It’s in this space, the boudoir, that the goddess Parvati goes to soak in bath salts, adorn herself with the luscious scents of her favorite essential oils, and nourish herself in the ways that revitalize and rejuvenate her goddess-ness. The boudoir is tucked away from the rest of the world, with Parvati the only one allowed within its walls. It was in this space that she concocted a magical potion that contained turmeric, just the right amount of each of the elements, scents, herbs, and spices. Through her care and magic, Parvati created her own little boy who came to be Ganesha, guardian of the threshold. She and the energy of Cancer represent the deep Ocean of Consciousness that lives inside one’s heart, and Ganesha the one who keeps the space safe, only passable when we’re soft and open enough to enter its realm. 

The tucked-away nature of both Cancer and Parvati’s boudoir is also synonymous with the care that a Mother provides. The womb-space, a place that gives rise to creative energies in the myriad of ways they express themselves, childbearing or otherwise, contains the essence of potentiality. Like an egg, filled hidden possibility, the depths of the heart and the womb are the places where dreams not yet shaped marinate before making themselves known in the world. Basking in the creative inner space to bring new projects to life contains the essence of Cancer, as care must be given in order to nourish the possibilities within a child, an endeavor, or a vision brought to life. Yet Cancer must remember that this same support must be offered to herself, lest she “over-mother” others, becoming identified with the role of Mother rather than balancing this task with that of honoring her own needs and taking excellent care of herself.

Cancer is the only sign that is ruled by, or has quite an affinity for, the Moon; so it’s the most lunar of them all! Read the word lunatic as loon-A-tic, and you get an idea of la luna’s connection to the emotional realm with its immense capacity to take us as far beyond the rational mind as we can possibly go. Stand and let the moon, at whichever stage it happens to be, captivate you with her beauty, and you’re generally taken over by a sense of awe for her magnificence. All thoughts leave, and you’re likely left with feelings instead. The lunar territory that Cancer inhabits invites us to feel into the depths of our souls for yearnings waiting to be expressed, personal myths longing to be constructed, and inklings of stories waiting to be brought to life.

Cancer is considered to be the most sensitive of the astrological zodiac, feeling with such immensity that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Yet that’s exactly what Cancer came here to do — to remind us to trust in and fully open to the emotional tapestry that is available within. The emotional realm may seem a daunting one at times, yet each emotion holds valuable keys for the heart and the soul to express themselves and, ultimately, to heal. All of the emotions (rasas, or flavors, feelings) must be felt and moved through the body in order for vibrant health to be fully present. Cancer reminds us that this is the most natural, and can be one of the most graceful, processes we experience as humans. When we open ourselves to this inner landscape and allow the energy to move in ways that it needs to, we become conduits for life’s expression, thereby allowing for a healing to take place. We learn to trust in our own intuitive capacity as women to let emotions flow, trusting their natural movement, for it is ultimately to the experience of Wholeness and Oneness that IS everything.

Evolutionarily, Cancer is here to shed her shell at just the right time, opening up and trusting her emotional processes, even when that feels like the most challenging thing to do. But she’s here to do this anyway, though having the support of just the right people is always a good idea. Cancer reminds us that withdrawing from the world can be the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the inner realms to gain clarity and understanding of what is to be created in the outside world at just the right time. 

During this Cancer New Moon, how can you turn inside to marinate in your own creative juices? Perhaps you find (or create!) a space in your home that is sacred to you, one that inspires you to connect with your intuition and feeling, letting the power of potential energy “speak” to you in an utterly “sensational” way. Perhaps you marinate in the tub, allowing your favorite essential oils and bath salts to work their magic on you as you absorb the nourishment. Open yourself to the inner tapestry that beckons you to its chamber, allowing the feelings to flow, the emotions to move, and the space of possibility to awaken you in a way that is truly healing.