Taurus New Moon ~ Settling into Simplicity

The Taurus New Moon falls on Wednesday, April 26 at 5:18 AM Pacific Time. After the intensity of Aries, Taurean energy invites us to a calmer, more grounded place. In a word: simplicity. Imagine a bull resting in the pasture, chewing the green grass, breathing in the fresh air, nourished by his sensory experience. Tap into the feeling of this scene, and you’ve tapped into the energy of Taurus. This energy is about coming home to the body, and giving it what it needs to feel nurtured and secure. The security of materiality for the sake of it is not the point of Taurus — but the security of being in one’s body in a healthy way, absolutely is. 

Creative projects often begin with an energy of excitement and enthusiasm, just as Spring often does. Yet we’re not meant to be in the beginning phase of a cycle the entire time. If we lived here for the whole cycle, burnout would certainly ensue. Taurus comes at the perfect moment, when the fire of Aries and the power of Iccha Shakti has been lighting up our lives, perhaps quite powerfully; and at this point in the zodiac, we get to uphold our creativity differently. The passionate burst of Arian vitality gives way to a sweet and sensual energy that invites us to settle down.

Taurean energy is symbolized by the bull (and not the Hemingway bull, mind you, running through the streets of Madrid!), doesn’t need to talk. It is quite happy living life through the senses: breathing, experiencing, being. That is what brings Taurus back to herself. Animals and the natural world are wonderful ways of reconnecting Taurus with her sense of animal kinship. Notice how you feel when you spend some time with your favorite four-legged friend! Each has an instinctual way of bringing you back to your uncomplicated, sensory self.  

Taurus is nourished by activities that invite her into her body — activities like a slow, intentional yoga practice, a massage therapy session, or a date with her essential oils. A quiet walk in the forest is especially effective, as it’s an opportunity to be embraced by nature’s abundance, a place where Taurus feels especially connected. Yet even the activity of washing dishes, of knitting, or of doing something crafty with her hands, is a lovely Taurean outlet. Practices that give Taurus the ability to be comfortable in her own skin, and to feel good in her body, soothes this energy.

Music also has the ability to pull Taurus into a place of serenity, and its pull can be quite direct. A harmony experienced by the ears is easily felt by the heart, and for Taurus, it has the capacity to welcome a similar tranquility as the forest might. The Musician is an archetype for Taurus, as one who both works with her hands, while also creating melodies that pull on her heart strings! Listen to a symphony play your favorite Mozart piece, and you might just be basking in Taurean reverie.

Routine can also be a fantastic way to calm the energy of this time, aligning with Nature’s flow. Yet routine is not synonymous with the mundane, so as long as the routine is purposeful, and feels grounding and clarifying, it feeds this earth sign.  

Enjoy the sweetness of this time…take a forest walk, light some candles, pull out your favorite essential oils, and put on some heart opening tunes. Sink down, grounding into the earthy simplicity of Taurus!