Aries New Moon ~ Cultivating Courage

Happy New Moon in Aries! The first new moon of the year, this is a celebration of life and its reemergence. It's a time of revivification, of waking up, and of living one's authenticity out loud. Aries carries with it vitality, as it represents the life force itself, an energy of Awakeness and Aliveness. Nature sings its expression all around us with the return of this vigor. Evolutionarily, Aries is about the cultivation of courage...we have an invitation to start the cycle of life anew, daring to dream a life that is as spacious, clear, and unique as possible, and to now bring it fully into being in all the ways we're called to. Are you willing to stand in the most powerful and conscious version of yourself? Are you willing to face the fears of your ancestors, your family, yourself, and to skillfully use the energy you transform by facing these fears as the Force for healing, good, beauty, and bounty? Now is the time to embody the spiritual warrioress, roaring to life all the dreams you've come here to create. What stands between you and these dreams? Whatever it is, Aries' warrior strength and commitment to truth can give you the boldness you need to face what is no longer true for you, and to enliven your highest potential here in the world. If you act from the place of fear, you'll never know what might have been. Aim your arrow of truth in the direction of your Heart's deepest yearnings...the power of the Cosmos are with you as you stand in your authentic truth and courageously bring it to life.