Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse & ShivaRatri

Happy New Moon Eclipse in Pisces! Happy ShivaRatri! During this time, the energy of possibility becomes more palpable, and we're invited into the formless mystery, the void, & the Ocean of Consciouness to connect with all possibilities for expression in the world of form. As this is the last New Moon of the Winter and the first Eclipse of 4 this year, we're being beckoned deeply into the vast inner tapestry to prepare for what we're calling to life this Spring and this year.

This is also a celebration of Shiva, who, in his personified form, is the meditating yogi, the one who can be seen sitting on the mountaintop, dreaming the Universe into and out of existence for thousands upon thousands of years. His realm is that of Pisces and the place we go when we're beyond rational mind and thoughts, as he rules the domain of imagination and intuition. It's time to connect with these much-needed facets of the human experience in order to dream a reality that is harmonious, compassionate, and unified...one in which we see beyond the veils of perceived separation to the underlying Oneness that IS. Shiva beckons us into his space of Unity consciousness to merge with all of Life so that we can live in the world from a clear place that's beyond old patterns of thinking and being. He invites us to our innermost nature. In fact, he IS our innermost nature. This potent new moon eclipse portal reminds us of who we really are...the part of us that's beyond old belief systems, thought patterns, and separating ways of understanding. It invites us to the collective expanse of humanity, a place where all limitations dissolve into the One.

Shiva is both this and the energy of transformation, representing what is needing to be let go of, shed, and even to die, in order to create space for the Truth of what is unfolding from within our hearts and within our lives in the present. Shiva serves as a support and guide when doing the work of taking a real look at ourselves and ushers us into the place of what's real, raw, and vulnerable so we can move through the process of becoming whole once again, reminding us that we were always so. His powerful Piscean presence reminds us that we have the strength and love we need to move through all that arises, and that going through the process of shedding layers to live from the ground of Truth gives us access to compassion of what all beings must go through on the sweet yet sometimes challenging journey of life. His nature, your innermost nature, reminds us that all of this life is sacred and valuable, and the ways that we show up in the world bring this knowing to form.

Call on this force of awakeness and aliveness within you! This force of intuition, imagination, compassion, and unity. Take some time to meditate, go deep into the chamber of your heart, and open to what the Universe is wanting to bring to life through you without limitation. The Universe is with you...enjoy!