Aquarian New Moon 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! Happy New Moon in Aquarius! Aquarian energy, from an evolutionary perspective, is about authenticity and individuation...marching to the rhythm of one's own drum. Whether the peanut gallery agrees with you is not the point...what does your authentic and clear voice sound like, even if it's whispering? What truths are you being invited to uncover and live? Now is the time! Especially with Uranus (Aquarius' ruling planet) in Aries sextiling this New Moon, we're being invited to courageously look at and embody the truth of who we are in the world. And because Aquarius is also an energy that needs its tribe or sangha, we attract the "right" people to ourselves when we're able to be the people we were born to be, rather than the people we were conditioned to be. You are NOT the stories you've told yourself for so long. You are authentic aliveness, in this very moment, without a story attached. Aquarius, as an air sign, can see life from an expanded vantage point, or with upeksha. This is partly why it's called "the water bearer", because it has access to seeing from a panoramic view, then responding accordingly. Rather than doing what's always been done, this energy welcomes a perspective that is innovative, fresh, and that pushes the bounds of society into new ways of being, thinking, and understanding. When each person stands in her or his authentic truth, (the truth of being that can never be conditioned), our world changes as a result. "The truth will set you free," but being willing to recognize it might shatter your old views in a big way. And what are we waiting for?! May we welcome this expansive energy and call forth the most authentic version of ourselves during this powerful time!