Capricorn New Moon 2016!

Happy New Moon in Capricorn! We get an extra dose or two of Capricornian energy for this new moon with Pluto conjunct the Sun and Moon and Mercury retrograde in the sign of the sea goat. This mythical creature is the only sign of the zodiac that thrives in the water and on the land, making her an unstoppable force. Yet Capricornian energy is slow and steady, recognizing that in order to carry out any task with success, there must be patience and perseverance. This earth sign has to do with creating structure and form and has the awesome power to uphold and support the framework that's being manifested! The time is potent for setting long-terms goals, whether they be for a one-year cycle, a 5-year cycle, a 10-year cycle, or beyond. Mercury's retrograde status in Cap invites us into ourselves so that we connect fully with our own inner values and let them guide us to create these important goals. Pluto represents both wounding and fierce empowerment, so be sure that you're creating from a discerning and conscious place. What have you learned over the past year or few that can be used to create a clear trajectory moving forward? Integrity is the key word here...this energy is about marrying your outer world with your inner world and the awareness that lives there. Rather than doing something because it's expected or comes from a place of obligation, Capricorn teaches us to be wise and competent masters of our own design. The sea goat is especially good with strategies and carries with it a sense of inherent practicality, so tapping into its formidable force allows you to bring whatever task is at hand to completion. Yet as with any astrological influence, nothing is guaranteed. Take time for solitary endeavors and things that allow you to simply be with yourself to get super clear in your stance, no matter what the peanut gallery expresses. Then move from this place, one step at a time. Be open to what is offered, but never forget the truth of your own inner voice. “The journey of 10,000 steps begins with the first.” Cap understands this like no other sign. Tap into its wisdom to create what is wanting to unfold from within you.