Happy Harvest Moon Eclipse

Happy Full Moon Eclipse! The Blood Moon eclipse, happening September 27, is called this because it is the fourth and final eclipse of a lunar tetrad: four straight total eclipses of the moon, spaced at six lunar months (full moons) apart. This definitely means heightened intensity! This is also a Super Moon since the Moon is closer to us than usual, happening just after the Autumn Equinox, and bringing even more opportunities to allow what's been brewing beneath the surface to rise into the conscious mind. Be aware of the deeper, more vulnerable realm speaking to you from within, and perhaps through you in your life!

This Full Moon Eclipse is taking place with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries. Mercury is also retrograde right now in Libra, inviting more care and attention in the Libran realms of the archetypal Lover, Peacemaker, and Artist, and integrating these with the Aryan realms of the (Spiritual) Warrioress, Pioneer, and Daredevil. Courageous communication and action within intimate relationships can be a key here, giving you the boldness to speak and express from the Heart in the significant relationships in your life. This includes the relationship you have with yourself! Aries' fire can burn if it's impulsive or harsh, but when it's coming from a place of clarity and truth, its honesty can be illuminating. Rather than shooting arrows of fire, the pinnacle of Aryan energy is to assert herself appropriately, doing things in life that might scare the living bajeezus out of her, but continuing on because courage must be cultivated in whichever arena Aries lies in the birth chart. When we bring this energy into one of the Libran realms of relationship, the result can be healing and powerful. Perhaps there are things you've needed to say in the key relationships in your life but haven't had the courage to, or since we're in an eclipse, perhaps you haven't even known yourself. Yet now the Universe is inviting you to embody the archetype of the spiritual warrior, one who is willing to go to the tender, raw, and downright uncomfortable places to deepen a relationship that is meaningful and that could use the love and attention. Again, perhaps that relationship is with yourself. Rather than letting what has possibly angered you or kept you powerless in times past, how can you be in a place of intimacy with true courage and Heart, embracing all parts of yourself, including your shadow? The evolutionary apex of Libran energy is unbreakable equanimity and inner harmony. Yet, in order to get there, especially with eclipses like these, being daring enough to express things that are on your mind and in your heart is important in order to create this peace. And equally as important is having the grace and dignity to express them with tact and care.

A synchronistic event happened to me yesterday on my long flight back from Raleigh to Vancouver. First I need to mention that 3 favorite movies on the planet are the The Lord of the Rings series. I'd been wanting to watch them again this Fall, which is always a good idea in my book. Thankfully the guy sitting in my aisle on the flight home had brought all 3 of the DVDs. And equally thankfully, both of our computers were old enough to still have DVD drives! He offered to let me watch The Return of the King (part 3), and I jumped at the offer. One of the last scenes of the film shows Frodo, with seemingly no energy or heart left, unable to make his way up the last few steps to the volcanic fires of Mordor. But he's so close and has come so far!! The true hero of the film, Samwise Gamgee, steps up, yet again. And he tells Frodo that although he may not be able to carry the ring, he can carry his friend! And that's exactly what he does...he carries Frodo the last bit of the way, refusing to let him fail in his journey. This kind of fierceness, passion, and courage (Aries), coupled with the virtue and character of a true friend in the deepest sense of the word (Libra), are what saved the day. As always with this film, I was inspired, and left sitting with the multitude of meanings.

What's been brewing for you and is now coming to light in the realms of cultivating courage and creating inner equanimity? What's coming up here to be healed? How can you be more like Samwise Gamgee, spiritual warrior and dear friend to yourself and to others? What do you need to say in an intimate relationship that you haven't yet?

And remember, the Force is always with you...enjoy!