New Moon in Scorpio~11.11.15

Happy New Moon! This New Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to re-awaken your inner alchemist! The synchronistic ways of the Universe offer you an invitation to uncover the shadow places within, revisiting what needs healing in yourself and in your relationships for the sake of remembering and actualizing what you're truly capable of. The raw power that is available through the process of transformation offers a deep and true sense of empowerment, yet you must be willing to face all of the hidden places that drain your energy and hook you into unnecessary drama, both in your inner and outer worlds. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, both the Lord of the Underworld and the Riches, who teaches us to go into the shadow because there is valuable energy here that is waiting to be uncovered and seen fully. Going into the shadow makes us rich mentally, emotionally, and energetically when we do so with skill and grace, and with a willingness to really face all parts of who we are. Pluto is synonymous with Shiva and Kali in yogic lore, the metamorphizing energies of the Universe who are alive within us. They are the alchemizing forces that break down old cycles, patterns, and samskaras, churning the energy into intense usable power. Jupiter in Virgo acts an aide in this metamorphosis, inviting you to expand beyond the old stories of who you thought you were, and instead seeing and claiming triumphantly the value that is available for you here and now. Uranus in Aries, with its capacity for independence and boldness, can be an ally here, offering you the capacity to courageously move forward, first shining the light in the direction of your fears, then seeing them as just that, again reclaiming the energy that you've given away so that it can be put to more effective and life-enhancing means. Where are you still allowing yourself to be pulled into unnecessary inner and outer drama? How can you redirect this raw energy to create your life from a clear and conscious place? What deepest aspects of your shadow are revealing themselves for healing and transformation? The dying of what's old and outgrown leads to a re-birthing that comes from a clear and conscious place. You are the alchemist, and this potent portal beckons you to step into your own empowerment.