Unconditional Love

I love how Life, the Great Teacher, is constantly giving us material for opening our Hearts and minds, if we so choose that option. This past Sunday, my beloved maternal grandmother Marjorie passed away after 89 years and 4 months of life. As I process the grief of her leaving the planet and knowing that we'll no longer be able to hug one another or look into each others' eyes again, I am also deeply humbled and grateful. The fact that I got to experience 35 years of my life receiving the most pure love possible from this woman simply blows my mind. She was a force of unconditional Love from the time I met her until the time she left. This woman loved me purely, fiercely, devotedly, wholly, in ways that I've literally never felt from another human being. Ways that burst my heart wide open, ways that have inspired me to be the woman I am today. My grandmother was there for me in times when it was so important to have complete love and support, and her presence is woven into the fabric of my being. Thanks to her, I have been able to receive and to give the most expansive and transformative love. There is no other gift I could ever ask for that could be greater than this.

And now, more than ever, this Love lives on in me. I feel a deeper sense of responsibility to embody and carry forth all that she taught me through her example. It's interesting how she continues to teach me even when she's not physically here, and how because she isn't here, I am the one who must choose to live the Love that was shown to me. Unconditional Love knows no limit, no boundary, no judgment. It Loves for the sake of it, blessing any and all who cross its path, regardless of difference in opinion or belief. Excuse my French, but regardless of the bullshit. This is real Love.

I am immensely thankful to have been shown this gift by such an outstanding teacher as my grandmother. As I make my way back to the Southeast this Fall, I'll be teaching on and from this place of Love, or prema, as the yogis call it. I hope you can join me somewhere along the way.